All bedrooms, whether singles or doubles, contain a private bathroom.
Our 38 acres are lined with beautiful walking trails and prayer spaces, all just steps away from downtown Los Altos.
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April 2017 : Retreat Details
Fri, Apr 21 - 4:00pm
Sun, Apr 23 - 2:00pm
Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J.
Save the World or Savor It? Being Reached by the Widow, Orphan, and Stranger
Non-silent Retreat for Women and Men
Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J.

This retreat will offer a prayerful and reflective consideration of the original covenantal relationship between God and God's people.  It will explore the four things Jesus took seriously: inclusion, non-violence, unconditional loving-kindness, and acceptance. 

Regular Retreat Fee(s)
$310.00 Private Room
$310.00 Shared Room
Program Code: 17SON01706
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